Secure payment

Payment by credit card

Idresstocode site uses secure payment solution for e-commerce Citelis developed by Crédit Mutuel ARKEA.

Payments by credit card are made by indicating your credit card number, the expiry date and the security 3 digit code.


Payment pages use SSL v3 encryption technology that secures all information you enter, by encrypting it, and make it inaccessible to both Mode Operateur or potential fraudsters.

The payment solution is also PCI DSS certified by Visa and MasterCard to ensure the security and privacy of payment.

In the context of the fight against fraud, Mode Operateur has strengthened the safety of your online payments joining the 3D SECURE program developed by Visa and Mastercard. you can easily recognize it by on of  the logos:


Additional control may occur during your payment, a window opens and asks you to enter your 3D Secure. This allows you to authenticate and ensure that it is the holder of the said credit card who is making the payment.

There are different authentication methods depending on your bank : usually your bank sends a SMS indicating a code you must enter to confirm the transaction, or ask for your birth date for example.




Payment process




Step 1 : you enter your credit card number, the expiry date and the security code (3 digit code at the back of the card)


Step 2 : you enter the code you have received by sms from your bank, or the information asked by your bank (birth date...)


Step 3 : Your payment is confirmed.