Fashion steals the show!

I DRESS TO CODE  is another version of the clothes make the woman! The idea is not so much to respect the fashion codes, but to send a message of self assurance to people around you.


Here fashion steals the show!


Through our winks to the cinema, or to TV series, we propose you to get into the shoes of a hitchkock movie heroine , a working girl, an adventurer or a femme fatale.
We offer beautiful pieces to choose from in our range of clothing, lingerie and accessories which we hope will provide basics for your wardrobe and make you dream!

And we are confident that as true fahionista, you will trangress the codes to create your own style...








Well, of course, you can slip into your jogging suit,your boyfriend's shirt or a t-shirt ...

Obviously, if your man is reluctant to vacuum the house or to fetch bread on Sunday morning, no doubt your jogging suit is the cause! Think rather then to add some glam to your cocooning attitude! Hollywood movies of the 30s to the 60s are the inevitable reference. Go to Lingerie section





Work in style: dresses, skirts and blouse


The hit-working girls are in the TV series!  Joan Holloway in Mad Men, Dr Gillian Foster, Dr Lightman's assistant in Lie to me, The lawer Joséphine Karlsson in Engrenages, the trend is strict and sexy! Have a look to our working girl section





To be continued...