The new sheath dresses

woman sheath dress


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The sheath dress is a must have or your wardrobe.

The sheath shape highlights the feminine forms, It emphasizes the size and draws the hips.

The skirt is straight or pencil, that is to say tightening towards the hem.

Sometimes, a slit at the back of the skirt, said ease slit, facilitates walking, especially if the skirt is long.

Otherwise, the stretch fabric can limit the hobble effect.



Born in the 30s, this kind of dress has been popularized by the cinema and it is still today one of the most popular dresses.

Worn by Hollywood actresses, they are now ubiquitous in the American or European series.

They are also popular with TV news presenters.


Strict and elegant, they are perfect for the office, and for active women who do not want to trap a fluid skirt in a door or under the wheels of an office chair for example. They are also more practical because they do not fly in the wind.



The length of the sheath dress fluctuates. Most often, the skirt has a knee length, slightly above or below. It is the most practical and elegant length, especially for the office or a cocktail. The length at the ankle is reserved to, either a gown for a ceremony for example, or a wool dress for a more indoor or streetwear outfit.


It can be with or without sleeves depending on the style or the seasons.